Engineer Quality Systems to enable highly effective business performance
Be a universal beacon for Business Excellence and Quality Management

Others say "I", MQMS says "We"

Others say "Here are the recommended road-maps, have a nice journey! Thanks for the cheque."

MQMS says "Lets move together along this path and enjoy the journey! Look at our symbiotic growth!"



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Domain Contexts
IT Software Services
Capital Markets
Medical Systems
Health Insurance
Consumer Electronics
SEISM,CMMI®,Capability Maturity Model IntegrationSM are service marks of Carnegie Mellon University, USA. PCMM® ,CMM® and Capability Maturity Model are registered in the US Patent and Trademark office. TMapSM  TPISM  are service marks of  Sogeti, Netherlands.  Testing Maturity Model and TMMSM are service marks of Illinois Institute of Technology. Six Sigma is a registered service mark and trademark of Motorola, Inc.