Overview of Services
We support organizations in delighting their end customers by ensuring effective processes - both for product creation and for business services.

A Quality Management System (QMS) provides a set of integrated processes to ensure a common approach to manage an organization.

Our services include Designing, Implementing and Improving Quality Systems and constituent business processes, methods and tools using appropriate references.
Reference Frameworks & Quality Models
Frameworks APQC, Balanced Scorecard,
Quality Models CMMI, PCMM, TMM/TPI
Methodologies Six Sigma(DFSS/DMAIC)
Shainin Agile (SCRUM, XP, RUP...)
Standards ISO 9000, ISO 13485, ISO 14001
ISO 27001, TL 9000, ISO 16949
Quality System Consulting
Process Design
Deployment Support
Quality System Consulting

Quality System Consulting ensures that the

QMS is consistent with organization needs and applicable      reference standards


QMS and underlying working practices are appropriate for      the business context.

Measurable business benefits and ROI are ensured.

Scenarios in Quality System Consulting

Existing QMS in place
Re-engineer processes or define new ones
Analyze trends and assess failures
Identify breakthrough initiative(s)

When there is no QMS in place
Identify appropriate references / standards
Work with organization on improvement plan
Define QMS compliant to identified references
Process Design
This involves study of as is situation, determine what it should be (using current resources) and a road map for a could be (best in class, likely with different resources). The following are focus areas during process design:
Process must align to and deploy strategy
Use 6 Sigma techniques e.g. Process FMEA, CFPM
Describe key processes
Identify interfaces and integration points
Elucidate Process owner(s)& objectives
Clarify Inputs and outputs
Freeze ETVX i.e. Entry, Task, Validation and Exit
Cater to Internal and external customers
Ensure method of control and monitoring
Why use an AK-47 to kill an ant?
Appropriate processes must be the ouputs of process design!
The General Modus Operandi is as depicted below:


Deployment Support
Hands on approach during process piloting / roll-out and practical alternatives shall be provided. Some of the focus areas during process deployment:
Requirements tagging and required level of traceability
Repeatable and reproducible estimation
Early involvement of suppliers
Constant interaction with engineering e.g. architects and developers
Effectiveness of reviews and testing
Dipsticks with Program and Project Managers
Release and Configuration Management
Linkage of measurements to strategy & policy
Timely and proactive quality assurance
Leverage reuse potential towards efficiency
Roles in Deployment

Review and signoff plan, schedule, scope; identify the team and select projects
Participate in briefings, findings presentations and future action planning session(s)
Resolve escalated issues if any

Participate in initiatives as scheduled
Provide inputs and project artifacts per plan
Support the initiative and help induct others

SEISM,CMMI®,Capability Maturity Model IntegrationSM are service marks of Carnegie Mellon University, USA. PCMM® ,CMM® and Capability Maturity Model are registered in the US Patent and Trademark office. TMapSM  TPISM  are service marks of  Sogeti, Netherlands.  Testing Maturity Model and TMMSM are service marks of Illinois Institute of Technology. Six Sigma is a registered service mark and trademark of Motorola, Inc.